What is B & F ?

Renato Bizzotto, oboe player and director of the Muri Competition, is the founder of Bizzotto & Friends

His son Leonardo Bizzotto, bassoon player, gave his first public concert at the age of 12 together with Renato Bizzotto who was principal oboist of orchestras in Switzerland, Beijing and Shanghai. 

The Bizzotto family started to enlarge the ensemble as the Bläsersolisten Aargau, and wellknown musicians such as Albrecht Mayer (from Berlin Philharmonic), Dimitry Ashkenazy (European Soloist Ensemble), Alexey Botvin, played with Bizzotto & Friends

Bizzotto & Friends gave concerts in many countries in and outside Europe in various formations. Such as duo, trio, quartet, quintets and with chamber orchestras. 

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