The repertoire of Bizzotto & Friends starts from a Duo Programm with Renato and Leonardo Bizzotto till a large chamber music formations with strings and winds.
See a programm of B&F : here


F. Geminiani – Sonate in e minor
J.D. Heinichen – Sonate in c minor
F. Joseph – Gran Duo Concertante for oboe and bassoon
H. Villa. Lobos – Duo for oboe and bassoon
W.A. Mozart – Sonate for oboe and bassoon (orig.Basson and Cello)
Paul Wranzitzky – Six Duos for Oboe and Basson
and others

Trio With Oboe, bassoon and Piano

F. Poulenc – Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano
H. Brod – Fantasie sur des Thèmes Autrichiens.
H. Brod – Trio Nr. for oboe, bassoon and piano
Th. Laillet – Terzett op. 22
S. Rachmaninoff – Vocalise arr. for oboe, bassoon and piano
and others

Trio d’anches oboe, clarinet and bassoon

C. Diethelm – Trio d’anches composed for Renato Bizzotto
J. Ibert – Trois pieces breves
S. Veress – Trio
D. Milhaud – Suite d’après Corette
P. Juon – Trio d’anches
and others

Quartett with oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn

C. Stamitz – Quartett for oboe, clarinet, basson and horn

Quintett for for oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano

W.A. Mozart – Quintett for Piano and wind KV. 452
L.V. Beethoven – Quintett for Piano and winds
and others

Sextett for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano

A. Roussell – Divertissement op. 6
J.G. Rheinberger – Sextett op. 191 for piano and wind quintet
F. Poulenc – Sextet op. 1§00 for piano and winds
L. Thuille – Sextett op.6 for piano and winds

Windoctett for 2 oboes, 2 clarinettes, 2 horns and 2 bassoons

W.A. Mozart – Serenade in c minor KV 388
W.A. Mozart – Serenade in E-Flat KV 375
W.A. Mozart – Don Giovanni for windoctett (Triebensee arr.)
W.A. Mozart  – Cosi fan Tutte (Triebensee arr.)
F. Krommer – Harmonie C-Dur. op.76
J.N. Hummel – Oktett-Partita E-Flat
and others



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